FlyportPRO Wi-Fi (PCB antenna)

Programmable Wi-Fi system on module with webserver. 
Analog-Digital GPIOs, PWM, UARTs, I2C, SPI. 

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€ 35,00

FlyportPRO is a powerful, low cost, low energy system on module that enables anything to connect to Internet.  

FlyportPRO shrinks the development time needed to create a connected object from 6 months to few days. 



  • No need for an external microcontroller, the one on FlyportPRO runs your application
  • The free IDEpro provides you a set of APIs to make your development easier
  • There are tutorials and code examples on our Wiki
  • There's a great community of users ready to help
  • We provide professional support and customization.


Make or buy? 
What are the advantages to use FlyportPRO and a carrier board instead of making your product from scratch?


  • A carrier board for FlyportPRO is normally very simple (only passive components) since the complexity is on our module.
  • You can offer your customers 3 models of your product and for you it's just one simple carrier board.
  • Financial savings: just keep in stock the carrier board and buy the right FlyportPRO model according to your market needs.
  • Each model of FlyportPRO have the same micro onboard: porting of your code couldn't be easier.
  • FlyportPRO is reliable and already applied in hundreds of products. 
  • FlyportPRO is CE certified: this will reduce a lot the certification of your product.

Let's go a little into details, what FlyportPRO provides you? 

  • Powerful and low power microcontroller (PIC24FJ256GB206)
  • 802.11G certified transceiver (with on board antenna or uFL connector)
  • softAP mode or Infrastructure mode
  • A complete set of APIs for hardware control, low power modes management and connectivity.
  • A web server (customizable) to be the interface of your devices
  • Full set of connectivity functions (HTTP, TCP, FTP, UDP, SNTP,SMTP)
  • Firmware upgrade over internet (FOTA)
  • 256k program memory, 96Kbyte RAM, 16Mbit FLASH, 64Kbit EEPROM
  • PPS: most of the pins are configurable by software
  • GPIO, PWM, analog inputs, UARTs, SPI, I2C
  • Perfect for battery powered applications: Sleep and Hibernation (down to 180uA)

  • 16 bits, 16 MIPS, PIC 24FJ256GB206 processor
  • 256 Kbyte program memory + 96Kbyte RAM (32K base memory, 64K extended memory
  • 2 versions: PCB antenna or uFL connector for external antenna
  • 802.11g Wi-Fi certified transceiver (Infrastructure, softAP and Ad hoc mode supported)
  • 16Mbit FLASH onboard (for firmware upgrade and extra space for web server)
  • 64Kbit EEPROM onboard
  • RTC quartz onboard (32.768Khz)
  • Low power - hibernation mode supported
  • Remappable pinout by software
  • up to 32 GPIO
  • up to 10 Analog inputs (10 bit ADC onboard + 2.048V precise voltage reference onboard)
  • up to 9 PWM
  • up to 4 UART
  • 2 I2C
  • 1 SPI
  • Current consumption 
  • Sleep mode 180uA (Wi-Fi and microcontroller OFF)
  • Hibernation 20mA (Wi-Fi OFF)
  • Wi-Fi ON and connected 150mA 
  • Wi-Fi ON and not connected 35mA
  • Very compact - 34*34*9mm
  • Operating Temperature range -20°C +85°C
  • Zero investment, free IDE and serial bootloader onboard
  • IoT Internet of Things
  • Smart Objects
  • Energy monitoring
  • Home/Industrial automation
  • Interaction with Cloud services
  • Vending Machines
  • Wireless sensor Network and more
Price and order info
  • We have it normally in stock, otherwise leadtime is 4 weeks
  • Contact us to get an offer for volumes
  • We provide custom carrier boards
  • We can provide MALE 2*15mm 1,27mm pitch connector for your carrier board (TH or SMT)