Starterkit FlyportPRO ETHERNET

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The starterkit is the best way to start your development with FlyportPRO. It includes everything you need and let you connect easily any external device.


Unleash the power of the FlyportPRO Ethernet module in this StarterKit. Create Internet-connected automation and devices using both the PIC24FJ256 MCU and ENC424J600 Ethernet module by Microchip.


The included IDEpro software provides a hardware abstraction layer, allowing you to focus on your application with easy-to-use APIs, tutorials, and ready-to-use libraries. In addition, the freeRTOS-based framework manages the communication stack and your application, so no TCP/IP stack expertise is required. Since it comes with a serial bootloader, you don't even need a programmer, although you are free to use Microchip tools and MPLAB X IDE. Create integrated web servers, TCP/UDP clients, FTP Clients, FOTA applications, and more! The possibilities are endless.



The starterkit fits all the FlyportPRO modules (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS).


NOTE: This board must be always powered using the included power supply. The microUSB connector is just for firmware download and can't power the board! 


On board:

  • J1, J2 30 ways connectors (fitting FlyportPRO Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GPRS)
  • microUSB connector for firmware download and serial debug using our IDE (no programmer is needed)
  • microSD connector
  • RJ45 connector (for FlyportPRO Ethernet)
  • SIM card connector (for FlyportPRO GPRS)
  • Wide prototype area
  • J11, J11bis connectors : easy access to each pin of FlyportPRO
  • A trimmer, 2 leds and 2 pushbutton 
  • Connector for rechargeable GROVE BATTERY
  • Connector for our GROVE SERIAL DISPLAY
  • PICKIT3 connector (if you want to use a standard Microchip programmer)


What's included?

  • IDEpro software (to develop your applications on FlyportPRO)
  • 1 Evaluation board
  • 1 FlyportPRO ETHERNET
  • 1 Power supply  (110/220V - 5V 2A - European plug)