The best for prototyping IOT GPRS applications.
IoT board, FlyportPRO GPRS v2, antenna and power supply.

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€ 69,00

IoT Kit is the fastest way to prototype your ideas. Just plug a compatible device (sensors/actuators) and to start to create your application. 

It's easy thanks to the ready to use libraries. You don't need to know how a sensor works: there's the GET command to read its value!

You can create also battery powered applications since on the IoT Kit is present 3.7V Lithium battery charger circuit. 


Internet of Things, Connected sensors and more are at your fingertip now!


Everything you need is included in the kit:
- 1 IoT board (carrier board for FlyportPRO including microUSB port to flash firmware on the module)
- 1 FlyportPRO GPRS v2 quadband module (SIM Card is not included!)
- 1 GPRS antenna
- 1 power supply  (110/220V - 5V - European plug)


We suggest to add to your order
- Some Grove devices
- Don't forget the Grove cables! (not included with each Grove device)
- A miniNEST plastic box 


- microSD card connector onboard for datalogging

- 3,7V external battery input (battery not included, battery charger circuit is onboard)

- Compatible with the miniNest Box

- Only 57*82*16mm

Important note on Grove devices

This board and our libraries are not supporting all the Grove devices made by Seeedstudio, but only the ones here on our store. If you connect a not supported device you do this at your own risk!